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Do you want a server in SOF2? Here I tell you how.

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Surely at some point you have been interested to put your own server in the game, but as much as you wanted, you did not find information on how to do it. Here I explain:

To have your own server in the game, there are two ways

1: Renting a server in a dedicated hosting. 

On the web there are a wide variety of companies that offer their services getting high a dedicated gaming server, the question here is that this is not free. Obviously you have to pay for it, the payment can depend on the criterion of the vendor or the package of requirements with which you want to have your server.

2: Launching your own server from home. 

If you have the requirements in your own home, you can become your own hosting, configuring and launching your own server, but if you yourself will make your own hosting, you should know first that this server that your place should be Running 24 hours a day and in the machine where it is installed does not have to be used as a personal computer.Or, you can throw your server the few hours you are playing and close it when you finish, but this is not advisable if you want your server is active or you are thinking of creating a clan.


In this publication I will rely more on the first option, ie, just give you information on how to rent a server in a dedicated hosting.

I will recommend 2 pages where you can do this, and I will tell you how each of them is handled.

1: I3D.NET 

This amazing page in my own personal experience I can say that it is one of the best, since, you just have to register to create an account.

After you create your account, it is only a matter of ordering your server.

We order and pay, the methods of payment used by this website are as follows: 


* Credit card 

* Debit card 

* Wire transfer 

* Personal Checks

The fabulous thing about this service provider is that, as you make your order, in 24 hours after your server is already online and installed with a 1FX RPM so that you would only enter to change the name of the server and configure it to your liking from the inside using Rcon or Atrav It is an FTP server that the same vendor gives you.

It counts only dedicated servers in USA-TEXAS and USA-WASHINGTON in America and two others in Europe.

The currency they handle is exclusively Euro, and the technical support is excellent, the least they take to respond is 1 day at a time. They make RPM change if you want it that way.


In this provider is pretty much the same, it's just a matter of entering, creating an account and ordering. 

But here the currency that is handled is dollar, and are different types of dollars depending on the country.

Just that it has a small problem, the service to technical support is a little delayed, more than usual. When you place the order it may take up to 2 days to place your server, besides that you install it in another version, so you would have to talk to the support to tell them to change the server to the version of your choice, which can take up to another 2 days More. 

Payment methods are the same as in

When finally, you install your server, this does without rpm, and the technical support is not in charge of installing an RPM, this runs entirely on your own, which is a disadvantage for people who are beginners in the subject. 

has large installation countries, and LAG's problems are null, is a great provider in that regard.

This has been all for my part, if they occupy know how to create your own server from home, Ponto upload a detailed manual on this website. Thank you!

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¿Quieres un servidor en SOF2? Aqui te digo como.

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Seguramente en algun momento dado te interesaste por poner tu propio servidor en el juego, pero por mas que buscaste, no encontraste información de como hacerlo. Aqui te explico:

Para tener tu propio servidor en el juego, existen dos maneras

1: Rentando un servidor en un hosting dedicado.
En la web existen una gran variedad de empresas que ofrecen sus servicios colocándote un servidor de juego dedicado, la cuestion aqui es que esto no es gratis. Obviamente tienes que pagar por ello, el pago puede depender del criterio del proveedor o del paquete de requerimientos con los que tu desees tener tu servidor.

2: Lanzando tu mismo tu servidor desde casa.
Si tu tienes los requerimientos en tu propia casa, tu puedes convertirte en tu propio hosting, configurando y lanzando tu mismo tu propio servidor, pero si tu mismo vas hacer tu propio hosting, debes saber primero que este servidor que tu coloques debe estar funcionando las 24 horas del dia y en la maquina donde este instalado no tiene que usarse como computador personal. O bien, puedes tirar tu servidor las pocas horas que tu estes jugando y cerrarlo cuando termines, pero esto no es recomendable si quieres que tu servidor sea activo u estas pensando en crear un clan.

En esta publicacion me basarr mas en la primera opcion, es decir, solo te dare informacion sobre como rentar un servidor en un hosting dedicado.

Te recomendare 2 paginas donde tu puedes hacer esto, y te dire como se maneja cada una de ellas.

1: i3D.NET
Esta increible pagina en mi propia experiencia personal puedo decir que es una de la mejores, puesto que, solo basta con registrarte para crear una cuenta.

Despues de crear tu cuenta, solo es cuestion de realizar el pedido de su servidor.

Ordenamos y pagamos, los metodos de pago que utiliza esta web son los siguiente:

Lo fabuloso de este proveedor de servicios es que, en cuanto haces tu pedido, en 24 horas despues tu servidor ya esta en linea e instalado con un RPM de 1FX por lo que tu solo entrarias a cambiar el nombre del server y configurarlo a tu gusto desde adentro utilizando rcon o a traves de un servidor FTP que el mismo proveedor te brinda.

Cuenta unicamente servidores dedicados en USA-TEXAS y USA-WASHINGTON en America y otros dos mas en Europa.

La moneda que manejan es exclusivamente Euro, y el soporte tecnico es excelente, lo minimo que tardan en responder es 1 dia cuando mucho. Ellos mismos hacen cambio de RPM si tu lo deseas de esa manera.


En este proveedor es practicamente lo mismo, es solo cuestion de entrar, crear una cuenta y solicitar el pedido.

Pero aqui la moneda que se maneja es Dolar, y son distintos tipos de dolares dependiendo el pais.

Solo que tiene un pequeño problema, el servicio a soporte tecnico es un poco tardado, mas de lo usual. Cuando realizas el pedido pueden tardar hasta 2 dias en colocar tu servidor, ademas de que te lo instalan en otra version, por lo que, tendrias que hablar al soporte para decirles que te cambien el servidor a la version de tu preferencia, lo cual, puede tardar hasta otros 2 dias mas.

Los metodos de pago son los mismos que los ya antes mencionados.

Cuando por fin, se instala tu servidor, este lo hace sin RPM, y el soporte tecnico no se encarga de instalarte un RPM, esto corre totalmente por tu cuenta, lo cual es una desventaja para las personas que son principiantes en el tema.

Cuenta con grandes paises de instalacion, y los problemas de LAG son nulos, es un gran proveedor en ese aspecto.

Esto ha sido todo por mi parte, si ocupan saber como crear tu propio servidor desde casa, ponto subire un manual detallado en esta misma web. GRACIAS!


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#1 Game Server Provider - over 400,000 served! has established itself as the premier game hosting company through the past six years, having served over 400,000 customers. We are an established and reputable company that you can be sure will be here tomorrow and always be there to stand behind the product you purchase from us.

Due to our reputation, is also the host of choice when major game studios need hosting services. We have worked directly with many developers, including: Infinity Ward (Call of Duty Modern Warfare), Treyarch (Call of Duty Black Ops), Tripwire Interactive (Killing Floor), Epic Studios (Unreal series), and more!

Full Technical Support, 24x7

Our company is staffed around the clock with dedicated and friendly technicians ready to assist you with any problem you have. And when things are running well, they don't sit around - they monitor our network to make sure it is running at peak performance. Plus, you can also reach out to our staff to request mod additions and improvements to our control panel or any other suggestion you have in mind.

The Largest Network - Switch locations any time!

As the leading game provider, has one of the largest worldwide networks: 36 Points of Presence. We don't lock you into anyone of our locations - most services we offer offer include the option to switch your game or voice server to any of our datacenters, up to 4 times per month per server instance.

Easy server management with our custom Control Panel!

Managing your server isn't always easy. With the custom control panel, we take out the complexity out of gaming and make managing your games and mods as simple as pushing a few buttons. We offer and support over 200 mods for our games, and they are available with the click of a button!

Share payments via ClanPay gives you a lot of options for funding your account. You can use anyone of the major credit cards, pay using your bank account via PayPal, or mail us a check. Once you have an account established, we also give you the option to share future payments with your clan members via our ClanPay feature. Using ClanPay, you will get your own page at which your clan members can visit, view the servers they are paying for, and make direct donations to your account.


i3d logo Company Information is a managed-hosting provider based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, serving over 31,000 customers on 10,500 servers in 24 data-center locations worldwide. was founded in 2004 in Rotterdam and enjoys a long tradition of award-winning company growth: It is listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as the fastest growing hosting company in the Benelux and it is the winner of the FD Gouden Gazellen award as fastest growing profitable company in 2009-2012. The team of highly-skilled technical engineers provides online infrastructure services and managed-hosting solutions to a broad range of organizations. Customers from the government, education, health care, sports, gaming, web-shop, hosting and print-/about/ sectors are currently being supported by services. owns data centers and over 10,500 servers worldwide, we are a fast-growing and financially solid organization. We are AA rated as measured by independent financial institutions. is certified and audited annually on the CDSA (Content Protection & Security) certification. Datacenters

In 2009, founded a flagship data-center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which has grown into the largest Rotterdam internet exchange: SmartDC. The data center is 36,000 ft² in size and has a power capacity of 12 MW. The SmartDC datacenter is located in the monumental Van Nelle plant in Rotterdam which is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list.

SmartDC is well known for its unique suite concept featuring private cages and suites built as datacenter in a datacenter. Every suite is a stand-alone data center with dedicated cooling, power breakers, security measures and fire surpression. SmartDC builds and operates these suites. The SmartDC data centers are ISO/IEC 27001 and CDSA (Content Protection & Security) certified and yearly audited.

The data center was built to offer Tier-3+ specifications with N+1 cooling, N+1 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), N+1 generators and two transformers providing 23,000 Volt mains power for a total potential power usage of 12 MegaWatt (MW). The meet-me-room (MMR) provides connectivity to Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers. Network

We operate a large internet ‘backbone’ across Europe and the United States which is connected to over 1,600 peers on the world’s largest internet exchanges: AMS-IX, DEC-IX, LINX, NL-ix, PLIX, NoVA and multiple tier-1 providers such as Level3, NTT, DTAG. The network uses AS49544 and provides a capacity of 793 Gigabit/s. The core network architecture is MPLS-based and runs on Brocade MLXe core routers. winner of Gouden Gazellen

In November 2012, won the Financieele Dagblad Gouden Gazellen for fastest growing profitable company in South-Holland. Our company is also ranked for the 4th year in the Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA for fastest growing technology companies.


In Gametracker you will be able to find all the teams of the clans and their servers in the game, you will be able to observe their statistics and ranges. It is not necessary to be registered to view the statistics of a server but if it is necessary to join a team of some current clan in the game.

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En Gametracker podras encontrar todos los equipos de los clanes y sus servidores en el juego, podras observar sus estadisticas y rangos. No es necesario estar registrado para ver las estadisticas de un servidor pero si es necesario estarlo para unirse a un equipo de algun clan actual en el juego.


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Welcome to our website, on this site you will find a lot of information related to the game, from downloading tools, such as editing and creating a map, creating a server, among other things. All the content on this website is sponsored by the player RAYAS, he will not answer questions in any of his social networks, for that is this website.

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Bienvenido a nuestro sitio web, en este sitio usted encontrara una gran cantidad de informacion relacionada con el juego, desde herramientas de descarga, como la edicion y creacion de un mapa, la creacion de un servidor, entre otras cosas. Todo el contenido de este sitio web esta patrocinado por el jugador RAYAS, no respondera preguntas en ninguna de sus redes sociales, para eso esta este sitio.